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User's Guide

Dear Client,

Thank you for choosing "Color N Drive" touch up paint DIY KIT. Our simple 5-step process allows anyone professionally apply the KIT to avoid high repair costs from typical body shops. So the value of your vehicle is increased. We strongly recommend you to go through the following application steps to obtain the best performance. Please note that our paint is not the typical touch-up paint you can source at the local dealerships or auto part shops. It is a special blend of selected paints and organic chemicals to ensure quick drying, easy removing of excess paint for the perfect results on damaged surfaces. Our technology is unique to bring eco-friendly detailing solutions for perfect factory match and superior quality. We formulate our colors and chemicals in the latest technology mixing process to guarantee color accuracy and original factory quality.

"Correct N Clear" Application Insurance

Unless your vehicle is very new, there is a small possibility that the color probably won’t match exactly as the paint on new models does not fade as quickly or badly as old paints did. Do not hesitate to apply the paint on the application surface until you have the desired tone and tint. Our patented chemical solution(CorrectNClear) ensures complete removal of the touch up at any time during the application safely. CorrectNClear solution is your insurance for application mistakes.

In Order to assist you faster please address all product and related questions to [email protected]

With Our Best Regards,
Color N Drive Support Team

Email: [email protected]